Mission Field Experience

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Currently where I am is a mission field as each day I am surrounded by academic scholars and students who are of different cultures and religions. The possibilities of engaging in dialogs regarding religion is extensive. The probabilities that the opportunities to convey my thoughts, truths, and knowledge gained about God are on campus daily. While I did not come to know the God I now serve until I was well in my thirties the experiences I have had in life gravitate me to those who have experienced devastating losses in their lives. God has revealed many truths through His Word that I can offer as guidance and truth to aid those hurting. God drew me in when I was drowning in a sea of sin that I thought was a way of life as this is all I had known. From the moment, I quit playing games with God I became fertile ground for God to change. It is through many tears, self-honesty, and the love of my Father that cause me to change from who I was into what He created me to be and my heart’s desire is to be transparent enough to convey this through my words of experience and allow those to hear that this is a process that continues to change daily. To those who suffer in war-torn countries…show more content…
The wounded are everywhere. People need to know there is unconditional love for them. Life is the mission field that I have the pleasure and privilege of walking in my mission field daily. There are many times I have had the pleasure of assisting ministries with larger, organized mission events such as The Houston Food Bank where every two weeks I volunteer serving the student body and their families with much need food to assist them with remaining in school. During this time, the opportunities to engage in longer conversation are possible and I do utilize this time to speak of the love of God to my
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