Mission Impossible: Heroic Characteristics Of A Hero

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A hero is someone who puts their life on the line for others expecting nothing in return. A hero has characteristics they show and three of these are bravery and courage, wisdom, and the ability to keep going no matter what challenges they face. The movies Jack Reacher and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol contain two main characters that are great examples of a hero. Jack Reacher and Ethan Hunt both portray heroic characteristics. First, Jack Reacher is a hero because he is brave and courageous. In Jack Reacher Reacher is confronted by Jeb and his friends. They argue and then they head outside to fight. The fight is five on one but Reacher stands his ground and fights back showing no fear. Likewise, Ethan Hunt is also a hero because he is brave and courageous. In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Hunt has to climb up the side of a building in Dubai to gain control of the elevators for Benji. Hunt does not get scared he gets to work and starts climbing knowing if he falls he will die. Both Ethan Hunt and Jack Reacher can be considered heroes due to…show more content…
During Reacher’s own investigation into the shooting he figures out something about the killers. He proves this when he talks to Helen and gets her to understand that the shooting victims were not all random but four random people mixed in with one specific target. Reacher not only figures this out but also learns who the specific target is before anyone else. In addition, Ethan Hunt is also a hero because he is also wise. During Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Hunt sets up two elaborate plans to obtain something from somewhere it should be impossible to break in and take something. Both of these plans succeed proving his wisdom in the fact that he is able to make these plans without any help and understand what his team can accomplish. Both Ethan Hunt and Jack Reacher are heroes who have a lot of wisdom and show this throughout their
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