Personal Philosophy Statement

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Mission Statement and Personal Philosophy

‘I commit myself to improving my body and mind everyday. I will be a role model to my brother and a loyal and loving child to my parents. I will take my university studies very seriously and reach my full potential. I will be doing a Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) degree. I will in the next five years be one step closer to developing into the man, mensch and mentor I wish to be.’

While narrowing out my most important values and deciding on my vision for my future I wanted to make sure that I could realistically achieve my goals and uphold my values to the best of my ability, so I decided that this will be my personal philosophy for the next five years.

In the December of 2015 I decided to start reading
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To me education is the answer to financial success and the ticket into the business world, especially the sales sector. Throughout my school career my parents have invested a fortune of money and time in my education. I know that the real world only begins once I leave school however the rock solid foundation I have been given by King David is sure to put me in good stead for my university future. Being a family man my goal is spend as much time with them and enjoying every moment with the least amount of stress. After seeing my parents stress levels during financial difficulties I decided that in matric and university I would commit myself to my studies in order to start building a foundation for my family in the future. After speaking to many financially successful people in our community and paying close attention to their commonalties I realised that a Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) degree was the correct degree for me and my future. When I work shadowed at Blue Label Telecoms one of the CEO’s Bret Levy told me that once I know what it is that I want I must work at it. He used the words, “keep bashing until you get it, you going to fail many times but eventually you will succeed.” Strong advice from a giant in our jewish…show more content…
I want to grow my intellect while at the same time still appreciate the beautiful simplicities of life. In short a balance with outstanding efficiency. I want to use my time and get the most out of life and myself. To me self growth is coupled with helping others and being the change that you wish to see in the world. So this goes out to the Chadd Silver of today. Chadd, you know what you want so get with the program and go get
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