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Key Features of a Mission Statement The mission statement is the most important literary piece of any business module. The key features of a mission statement are underlying the goal and how they are different from competitor’s, business statement in regard to the goals and how they meet them and purpose statement the real reason and motivation behind all the effort. The mission statement is a written declaration of the main purpose, goal and the strategies of a company. There are few key features in a mission statement which are very important, as mission statement is no more than 50 to 60 words it should obey the all the Cs of technical writing. It should be concise, clear, complete etc. Although the content of a good statement is completely…show more content…
You want to buy, we have sellers, you want to sell and we have buyers. We believe in supplying what you want in just the right time by allotting you employee to meet your prior needs. Unlike others we know the value of your money and believe in…show more content…
It gives a basic idea of the goal of the company it also underlines the courtesy of place for which the company is established. This being a single line describes the goal in a way such that it is eager for the reader to understand that company is in New Zealand and it not only deals with buying but also selling of the real estate business. Providing there are other companies too, the mission statement gives a view that the company is confident that they provide the best platform for both buying and selling. “You want to buy, we have sellers, you want to sell and we have buyers” this line gives the most important message of the mission statement. It is the purpose statement. By this the reader gets a clear understanding of the purpose and the core motivation behind the company’s creation. This one liner gives the reader the view that the purpose of the company is not only to give real estate solutions to buyers but also the sellers thus giving the basic motivation of the

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