Mission Statement For Nursing Profession

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Brittany Sandoval West Coast University Literature Review Nursing 492 Abstract The nursing field is ever changing and new discoveries always appear. The staff that works in the medical field must keep up to date with current practice, but sometimes that is not always the easiest due to work schedules and life in general. Fortunately for medical staff, there are many organizations that inform the vast number of nurses along with providing support in the most cutting-edge research that is tailored to their specific specialty. These organizations readily supply nurses and medical personnel the sharing of information, while permitting their members to learn and expand their knowledge through current literature. Even though…show more content…
Another great benefit for joining is having easier access to scholarships as well as potential networking opportunities. Joining these certain affiliations give the nurses the ability to expand their knowledge and explore the different fields of nursing. An example of an affiliation that allows the medical professional to increase their understanding is The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nursing. Their mission statement is as follows: promoting excellence in medical-surgical nursing care, which allows the nurse to use their evidence-based practice to advocate for their patients and provide compassionate care (AMSN, 2016). This affiliation specializes in promoting medical-surgical care by following other professional organizations that are knowledgeable and set a foundation in, “Code of Ethics for Nurses, Delegation, Holding Patients in the Emergency Department, Medication Errors, Nurses’ Bill of Rights, and lastly Pain Management” (AMSN, 2016). Members of the affiliation have access to the official journal which provides useful information for the medical professional. The journal that is accessed is called the MEDSURG Nursing Journal which contains information that is evidence-based, and allows nurses to…show more content…
The members of this affiliation can access information through the Neonatal Network: The Journal of Neonatal Nursing. The journal is “published six times a year and is distributed to more than 1,000 recognized Level 2 and 3 neonatal intensive care units here in the United States” (ANN, 2016). The Academy of Neonatal Nursing’s journal provides the members with the latest, relevant articles in research and evidence-based practice. Overall it strives to influence neonatal medical personnel in a positive way and further improve their knowledge in their specialty (ANN,

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