Fidm Mission Statement Analysis

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Mission specifies why you are in the business you are and what you are doing in the moment.
“A mission describes the organization’s basic function in society, in terms of the products and services it produces for its customers”.
A specific business mission for your organization should be consisted of the following elements:

Mission statement
The business mission statement should be a clear and concise representation of the institution's purpose for existence, consisted of socially substantial and quantitative criteria including elements such as the public image ,moral/ethical position of the enterprise, the target market, the geographic domain, products/services and expectations of growth and
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Under the guidance of faculty who are industry professionals, FIDM students learn to strategically integrate design thinking with technology, producing work that is grounded in critical and creative thought. FIDM graduates embrace cultural diversity and ethical choice while advancing the well-being of their communities.
The world is changing and it’s up to us to play an active role in it. If we passively live our lives, the universe will act accordingly.” – JESSICA KREWSON, FIDM GRAPHIC DESIGN ALUMNA AND ART DIRECTOR OF YOGI TIMES
The fast-paced curriculum at FIDM is a perfect first step towards a career in the fashion industry. With a little luck, a little creativity, and a lot of hard work, FIDM can help you accomplish your goals. – PRIVATE LABEL, A FASHION INDUSTRY TRADE MAGAZINE
• Purpose of a
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The document is consisted of your company's core philosophy and values, which are the starting point of the entrepreneur ’s business strategies and final decisions. Constructing a clear and accessible statement of purpose benefits you and your management team to create guidelines and follow the quota of your organization’s success.
Statement of Purpose Definition
The statement of purpose for your small business defines your company's core goals and purpose. According to Web Marketing Today, an Internet marketing website, the statement also forms the basis for your small business's brand and the promises your company intends to make to consumers. The company’s statement of purpose isn't as vast as the mission statement, which requires to integrate your business’s strategies and actions into it. Rather, a statement of purpose’s focal point is on the brief directive that will guide your company in developing its business methods and operations.

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