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Summer is the time of the year that needs to be taken advantage of. What better way to take advantage of summer than by going on a mission trip to Guatemala. A mission trip to Guatemala satisfies the soul in a way no other trip could. The deep relationships one makes with makes with the kids, the activities that bond a mission team to the kids, and the experience of a lifetime makes this trip one to be remembered forever.
Every person who has been on a mission trip could agree that these trips will bring a bond between the children and themselves. On a mission trip to Guatemala the minute one gets to the orphanage they will hear the sound of joyful kids chanting for the ones on the bus to get off and greet them. This joyful noise is just
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One game normally played by the kids is "futbol" or commonly known to most Americans as soccer. No matter who it is they cant resist playing when they see these kids almost perfectly dribbling the ball down the field, to strategically kicking the ball in a way that the goalie never expected and enter the goal.Once a person sees that, they have to join a game of soccer with these kids. As the team plays with the kids, soon enough they begin to learn the names of the kids and everyone's laughing on the field playing the best game of soccer ever. No video game on Xbox or one hundred makeovers is as rewarding as the feeling of being with the kids.
There is no doubt that going on a mission trip to Guatemala will leave you with the experience of a lifetime. This trip will give you a spiritual high for those who all those who allow it, and when one leaves they will leave with a new knowledge and love for God. Although the spiritual high might leave; because they don’t last forever, the memory of what God did on the trip will last and that keeps people wanting more of God. God never leaves our side, and everyday he will bless us with new

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