Mission West Personal Statement

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Like most young children, I enjoyed coloring and watercolor splatters, but unlike most of those children my love for art pursued beyond my elementary school years. Middle school was fine, but limited. Shawnee Mission West’s art program was an oasis to my little, freshman self. When I entered high school the much more advanced art program opened my world and offered growth. I submitted a portfolio to prove my abilities and skip Introduction to Art which made it possible to further myself. I have taken at least one art class a semester for each year I have been at West, and now I am I have down two years of Independent Art Studies in drawing and painting. It has been due to this hard work, persistence, and love for art that I have advanced and improved so greatly since I began focusing art. I would love to have a Senior Show so that I, and the people in my life, may be able to see how I have developed. My work impresses most of my family, but I feel most supported by my mother. She’s always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, whatever they may be, and every time I show her a new painting or a piece of jewelry, I can tell by her expression alone she is proud of me. She wants me to have a Senior Show almost as much, maybe even more, than I do. And I would hope I could display all the progress I have made and all the…show more content…
These multiple art classes have given me ample opportunity to advance my artwork. “Best of West” is a prestigious title to hold but one I think I have owned up to. I don’t think I’m the best artist at West, because we are blessed with many great artists here, but I do think I am one of the better ones. I have strived to accomplish more and better myself. I believe my work also speaks for itself and it is here for you to
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