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How Mississauga Can Avoid the Dangers on The Road. The roads of Mississauga have many dangers associated with driving. Peel Regional Police reports that there were 28 collisions in 2014, which have been increasing every year. Despite the prominence of these dangers, Mississauga’s government can introduce affordable, effective solutions to make the roads safer. The main causes of accidents and collisions are: speeding, fatigued driving, and distracted driving. To make Mississauga’s roads safer, the citizens must start following the rules of the road, stop driving when feeling fatigued, and start focusing more on the road while operating the car. The leading cause of collisions on Mississauga roads is speeding. Speed driving is when a driver operates their car faster than the legal speed limit. According to the Toronto star, the number one complaint of drivers is speeding. This dangerous action causes the drivers to have a poor reaction time, the driver might not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Whereas if the driver is following the legal speed limit, he may be able to stop before causing an accident. Speeding does not only endanger the lives of drivers, it also puts the lives of pedestrians in danger. The Toronto…show more content…
To prevent the danger of tired driving, drivers should get the sleep needed at night. Some people only sleep for six hours which is not enough, even for a grown adult. Studies have shown that a healthy adult requires seven to nine hours of sleep every day. People underestimate the dangers of fatigued driving, so a solution to this is that the government could address this dangerous activity to the public by educating them by using advertisements, or even a catchy billboard to remind drivers not to drive while tired. This could lessen many injuries and even deaths as people would not be falling asleep while driving so they would not

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