Mississippi Black Codes

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Black Codes determined the freedom for African Americans that resembled respect for slavery, which revealed in the Mississippi Black Code. The Mississippi Black Code is an act to confer Civil Rights on freedmen, and for other purposes. The Black Codes were essentially an attempt to create a system that looked and felt a lot like slavery, but did not technically violate the 13th amendment. W.L Fleming wrote this document to inform those on General Robert E. Lee laws to regulate and control former slaves which is known as Black Codes.
An Act to confer Civil Rights on Freedmen law stated that all freedmen, free Negros and mulattoes can now intermarry with any white person and vice versa. Also, any freedmen or free Negros or mulatto who have quit
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His or her new former owner must take good care of their child/children such as teach, feed, clothe, and furnish them with medical attention if under fifteen years of age. An Act to Amend the Vagrant Laws of the State states that all freedmen, free negroes and mulattoes in the State of Mississippi over the age of 18 years found on the second of Monday in January, 1866 or after with no lawful employment or business etc., will be given a fine white men will be charged and two hundred dollars and negro or mulatto men will be charged fifty…show more content…
An Act to punish certain offences says that no matter who you are you cannot carry any firearms and in the world today you can only carry any type of firearm if you have a registered license. An Act to regulate the relation of Master and Apprentice says that if the legal guardian cannot take care of their child the court will then have to deal with given them away to someone who can and now in the world at this time those that cannot financially take care of their children will get CPS called on them which is Child Protective Service and if they feel like the parent isn’t doing a good of a job the child will be taken away. An Act to Amend the Vagrant Laws of the State states that all freedmen states that those that do not have any income will be charged a fine in the world today that isn’t a very common but I do believe that the government is starting to look into something related to this law. An Act to confer Civil Rights on Freedmen law stated that the freedmen, Negros and mulattos may now intermarry with the whites and vice versa, this solution has been solved ever since the blacks and whites were able to be with one another although some people are still racism in this world today it doesn’t stop any ethnicity from being with one
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