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Obesity is very prevalent in the south; more specifically in Mississippi. Mississippi has many problems, but the obesity rate is one of the worst because it is the highest rate in the United States. Often the question will arise as to why this state 's obesity rate is so high compared to the rest of the United States. In Mississippi there is always food around, there is very little time and money, there is very little to do to burn those calories, and there is a lack of nutritional education. All these factors add up to an overly obese state.

In the state of Mississippi there is pride in hospitality and also in their cooking. Mississippians believe in cooking for every occasion. Events such as birthdays, church socials, or just weekend fun all end up
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Mississippi also has a bad reputation for having a low educational standards. This affects all of the Mississippians because it affects the future generations. In most of the schools in Mississippi they do not offer a detailed nutrition class that helps them learn what to eat, how to eat it, or even how to understand what they are eating. This is a sever mistake in the education system because the lack of education will be the reason many people die due to complications that come with obesity.

In conclusion, there are many factors that add to Mississippi 's obesity rate. Mississippi maybe one of the poorest states, but they love others and they show their love through sharing food. The spend their time and money the best they can to fit what they have although more often than not it is in an unhealthy way. They are limited to what activities they can participate in due to climate factors, location factors, and money. Lastly, it is partially due to lack of education.

Although all the factors are not negative, sometimes too much of a good thing is bad .Mississippi is a wonderful place to be, but it needs help to be able to get past the negativity whether it is the obesity rate, the poverty rate, or the lack of

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