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The movie “Mississippi Masala” directed by Mira Nair, is a heartwarming yet powerful film that reveals a side to racism, separation, and oppression that many may be unaware of. In a specific scene in the movie, the main character Mina attends a small gathering at the home of her romantic interest, Demetrius. Demetrius’ cousin Tyrone finds Mina to be appealing and delivers his best form of a pick-up line: “You think if I go to India and get me one of those Aladdin lamps, rub it real good, you think I’d get me a genie like you?” This scene brings to light a few valuable messages. Bell hooks brings to light the idea that men are only interested in being with a certain woman because of their obvious differences like race. (hooks, 22) Through the lens found within a chapter of hooks’ book titled “Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance,” it is apparent that Mina is appealing to…show more content…
This change in character is significant because throughout the whole movie she portrays the persona of being a tough, brave, and independent girl who cannot be dominated by anyone. However, after Tyrone delivers his line, her body language immediately makes her appear smaller, her gaze shifts away from his own, and she appears innocent. This can be taken from the lens found within Berger’s essay. “Men act and women appear.” (Berger, 47) Tyrone takes advantage of her momentary innocence in order to make himself seem as the dominant figure and hopes to almost attempt to convince her that maybe Demetrius isn’t the right guy for her. Within the scene it is apparent that Mina is trying to be displayed as innocent because of her involuntary body language and reaction. Tyrone appears to have leverage on Mina because of the way he keeps his arm on her shoulder, ignoring any aspect of personal space that she may

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