Mississippi River Flood Disasters

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Flooding Disaster
Flooding - arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities or large amounts of water. We are going to talk about how flooding destroy people 's lives and homes around the world. One of the country’s worst flooding disasters occurred February 26, 1972, on Buffalo Creek in Logan County in West Virginia. It was about 8.00a.m a coil waste dam collapsed on the Middle Fork of Buffalo Creek releasing 132 millions gallons of water into the city and destroying everything.
Next were are going to talk about another bad flood that is the Mississippi river flood of 1927, on September 1 water poured over a dozen streams and flooded towns of Carroll, Iowa to Peoria and Illinois three hundred miles and fifty miles apart. On September
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The Neosho River in Kansas and six hundred miles to the east the Illinois River in southern Illinois reached their highest levels in history—an extraordinary occurrence in October, when rivers normally run low. Flooding in those states was the most disastrous ever. The Mississippi at Vicksburg had only broken thirty feet on the gauge six times in history. Each time, the following spring saw a great flood on the Mississippi itself. The river at Vicksburg had never broken thirty-one feet on the gauge in October. In October 1926 it broke forty feet.Precipitation continued into the winter over the entire Mississippi Valley, which stretches from New York to the Rockies and drains thirty-one states and two Canadian provinces. The US Weather Bureau noted that the average reading through the last three months of 1926 on every single river gauge on each of the three greatest rivers of North America—the Ohio, the Missouri, and the Mississippi itself, draining nearly one million square miles and stretching the width of the continent—was the highest ever known. The Weather Bureau later stated, “There was needed neither a prophetic vision nor a vivid imagination to picture a great flood in the lower Mississippi River the following spring. On Christmas Day 1926, both Nashville and Chattanooga—on two different rivers—flooded. On New Year’s Day 1927, the main river at Cairo, Illinois, broke flood stage, the earliest instance on record. In January Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Louisville flooded.The saturated land throughout the Mississippi valley could absorb no more water, but water still came. In conjunction with the melting of a vast snowpack, virtually the entire Mississippi River system flooded in the spring of 1927, killing people from Virginia to Oklahoma.But the greatest concern lay along the lower Mississippi, from Cairo, Illinois, to the Gulf, and tributaries feeding into that part of America. The Gulf of Mexico once reached north to

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