Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Case Study

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B. What particular sources will you use to complete the IIR? Provide a rationale for the selection of the sources. • The IIR team will compile several resources in order to complete the IIR. To complete section one, we will use the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Program, Francis Howell School District’s Comprehensive Guidance Program Manual, the district’s IIR’s from previous school years, the district’s Strategic Plan, the job description and responsibilities of professional school counselors that is located in the district’s manual, and any current evaluation from administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students regarding the counseling program. These sources will provide the mission, vision, and goal statement of the counseling program. Each of sources will assist us in scoring section five of the IIR, system support and allow us to assess whether we are following district guidelines and if we are in alignment with the Missouri Comprehensive Counseling Program. These references will also assist us in evaluating howthe student performance data compares the district’s standards. • To complete section two of the IIR, the team will analyze our calendars and planners on a monthly basis. The planners and calendars indicate each unit that have been or will be covered in classroom guidance lessons along with the materials being used for…show more content…
We will compute the number of students seen on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We will review topics chosen for classroom guidance lessons, group topics, scores from student tests and assessments, and notes from professional and nonprofessional meetings teachers and administration. These sources will help us to calculate a valid score for this section of the

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