Missouri Compromise Essay

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Missouri wanted to enter the nation as a slave state which would cause a problem, the North was concerned by the unbalance that it would cause within the Senate. So congressman James Tallmadge "proposed a ban on the importation of slaves into Missouri and the slow freedom of its black residents". As a way to make the North happy, the House of Representatives passed the bill that granted Maine as a free state. In addition, as part of the compromise, slavery would be not allowed slavery in the north of the 36°30 ' parallel line. The issue over the Missouri Compromise caused controversy within Congress. Overall, the compromise did its job which helps keep balance within the Senate and set the example for any new states that would become part of the nation. However, this compromise took two years for both sides to agree. Since it took so long for the two sides to agree, slavery grew to more in a problem.…show more content…
Unfortunately, many more were not so fortunate. Regarding an event 's importance in bringing about the Civil War, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 it would be a ten if it was on a scale. The Fugitive Slave Act brought more attention to the wrongfulness of slavery and caused an increased problem between the North and the South. Northern whites resented having to be told what to do, by having to capture slaves. The Fugitive Slave Act shed some light on things, it helped to create iconic abolitionists and antislavery orators such as Frederick Douglas and others. These were actual people who had experienced slavery first hand and could describe it better than any white abolitionist. Maybe the Fugitive Slave Act allowed Northerners who had always thought slavery was hard to see slavery, saw it for the first time. The white northerners saw African American people, both free and fugitive, being dragged away in chains while there was a law in place to make sure they had no
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