Missy Franklin's Role In Sport

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Missy Franklin is the most admirable athlete in swimming because of her dedication to practice, devotion to God, and constant positive attitude. Franklin 's commitment to practice is what makes her the most admirable swimmer. While training Missy practice up to eight hours a week. She says, "I 'm in the pool two-four hours a day six-eight workouts a week." Practicing frequently builds muscles in her arms and legs other athletes may not have, which makes each stroke propel her further through the water. These muscles are what have given her the times she has achieved; they are a necessary tool for Franklin. Therefore, the other athletes may not achieve the same muscles and times Missy has obtained. She is a more estimable athlete because of…show more content…
Franklin 's enthusiastic attitude is a great attribute she has that sets her apart from and makes her better than other athletes. Coaches are willing to continue training Franklin, and help her because of her positive approach through everything she does. For example, her coach "who began coaching Franklin with the Colorado Stars when she was 7" (John Meyer, Denver post article) has stuck with her for over a decade. He has done this because coaches love athletes who listen to them! He realizes that he will see results from the time and commitment he has put in with Missy. Because Missy doesn’t want to disappoint anyone she is always following directions. Other athletes don 't pay attention and then coaches won 't want to work with them. They don’t think any improvement will come from it. Because of Missy 's mindset her coach had stuck with her. Her good attitude throughout the sport encourages and helps her and her teammates to try to become the best athletes possible. "And the swimming star has also had an effect closer to home, as her team-mates reveal how the 17 year-old 's high spirits spur them on to try and match her standards." () A constructive outlook has helped Missy come to the point she is currently at. It has also continued to push her and her teammates to score better and always compete. It has kept them focused on the goal ahead of them, but also will keep their spirits up in order for the athlete to progress fastest. The positive energy enables them to keep
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