Mistaken Monster In Beowulf

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Mistaken Monster

Throughout the days of old it was easier to misstate a monster for nothing more as

just a Finish creature of the night to terrorize you and your village. But what if I told you that

the creature you so heavenly despise is doing all of that by choice, and that fate has

Little to nothing to do with why the monster so hate you so much. This so despicable

creature of the dark is call Grendel. And by choice he chooses to do the things he does.

Grendal the most hatred of all creature; descendent of Cain. For one to see it as such it

would be clear as night to quickly assume that Grendel does not think, but justs destroys

Everything he touch. But in truth he does thinks about what he will do every single day, and to

be careful about how he
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For without

man Poor Grendel would be bored for all eternity. But with man Grendel is in constant hate of

man for man. So in perspective we saw why Grendel both hates and love man. As such wouldn't

we do the same, whether or not it was a matter of choice.

Regardless what you may think of fate it was always a mains of choice. And by that

choice Grendel has chosen to kill in order to not be Bored(Grander 8) . But it is reasonable to

see how fate can play into the matter of choice Grendel Always had a choice. But as fate says

he was doomed to walk the earth as a monster serenade by man “(20-22)” , but yet he chooses

to behave as a monster.

As a result of Grandal free will, we now see the monster within Grandal. A monster who

chooses who he will kill or leaf be. All for the matter of a choice drive by the freeness of will.

Which however in the end Grandal choose, and by that designent forever marked him in his

place in this world. For nothing more that just a mistaken monster to the world of man . To be

a free raining monster who acchoicele thinks of what he can and cannot
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