Mistakes In Anne Bradstreet's Hard Work

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Anne Bradstreet’s poetry was intended to be apprehended by the public world, not only to her family as interpreted in her poems. Anne Bradstreet is an illustrious English poet, who is notable for writing poetry only to family and never intended to publish her works. In her well-known poem, “The Author of her Book”, she discloses that her “offspring of [her] feeble brain”(1) was not meant to be “expos’d to public view”(4). Anne makes lectors understand that her poems were never intended to be seen by other persons rather than her family, however they were “snatched from [her] by friends”(3). Anne also reveals her poems were made “in raggs”(5) and were not good enough and that every time she fixed them, she found more mistakes on them. Bradstreet’s poems usually maintained a constant meter and were marvelous to be meant only for family reunions. Anne’s hard work and dedication applied to her pieces of work abides exceptionality. However, “The Author of Her Book,” asserts that she found large amounts of mistakes in her…show more content…
In the act of progression of “The Author of Her Book”, readers ascertain that Anne did not want her poems to land in “criticks hands”(20). To avoid the constant atrocious critique of media, Anne strongly affirms that her poems were just intended for family. She pictured them as mediocre and unsatisfactory stating that poems were poor and would never meet audience’s expectations. Humans naturally want to avoid criticism and other’s gross examination. To speak my truth, nobody likes to be criticized about something that took loads of hard work to achieve. It is completely comprehensible why Anne would like to make people believe her poems did not have hard work involved and were just intended for family, something she believed would keep her poems away from the media criticism. However her poems are really admirable and rich in meaning, making very little aspects of her poetry being
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