Mistakes In London

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London is in danger of failing because she is currently not meeting Pupil Progression Plan (PPP) requirements in the area of math. WOW! London is doing an absolute fantastic job of maintaining a positive and enthusiastic behavior when learning new skills in each subject, no matter how challenging. Because of how hard London is working and the strives she has made, she has earned Most Improved for this quarter. Congratulations! London is currently reading on grade level, however, we are still working on phrasing to help improve her reading and sound more natural. London is most successful when she uses her reading strip to guide her. She has improved with her self-monitoring and is always thinking about and going back to the text. With the shift…show more content…
- restate the question, answer, cite evidence, explain it). Cotinue encouraging her to reach this higher level response by explaining how the text evidence she chooses for her answer helps her. A great sentence starter for this could be, "This tells me that . . ." In math, London has greatly improved in annotating and solving word problems, as well as becoming much more confident in herself during math. Keep encouraging her to check twice to be precise as this will help London to either catch a simple mistake or confirm her thinking/answers. London will have a new goal this coming nine weeks to help her break down two-step word problems to better comprehend and solve accurately. In writing, London has been working diligently, making sure to incorporate quality details, and introduction and conclusion. One goal I have for her is to continue making sure she goes back and checks her conventions. Having her reread her writings out loud (with a tracking strip) will allow her to hear and better see the areas that need editing. It has been a pleasure getting to watch London mature throughout the year and I cannot wait to see what the fourth quarter has in store for
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