Mistakes In The Barrowers

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In the critical interpretation of “The barrowers” I happened to have seven mistakes. The first one was found in paragraph two of question number one. The mistake was that I wrote that the doll furniture was useful to the borrowers whereas in reality they were what led to their discovery by Mrs. Driver. I have made some changes to the paragraph and add more information about the doll furniture.
The second mistake was in paragraph three of question one. The mistake was found to be that I never cleared out what was the point-of-view of the novel, and how do readers learn to appreciate the viewpoints of children. Then I made some changes and added more information about the point-of-view of the novel, and what the reader will end up of thinking about the viewpoints of children.
Third mistake was in paragraph one of question two. The
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The mistake was that I didn’t complete the answer. I then added more information about who Mrs. Driver was in the novel. I added that she also took things from the house and how she was afraid of being accused of stealing if things started missing from the house. The sixth mistake continued to be about Mrs. Driver. I didn’t show my understanding of Mrs. Driver’s role in the novel. I considered her as a thief because she took things from the house that the people of the house still needed and used. Mrs. Driver took everything she was able to take as long as no one could ever think she was the one who took them. Whereas, the borrowers took things that no one still need or could get them upset for being missed.
Finally, the seventh mistake was found in paragraph two of question five. I was supposed to tell how keeping the story a secret makes young readers have to imagine that they are being included as trusted keepers of this secret story. I corrected the mistake by adding more information on that suggestion of Dr. Kim, which is also a common device for modern fantasy
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