Personal Narrative-Mister Cow

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Hello, the names Fork, Detective Fork. I’ve been working on cracking the case of the moon jumping scandal of Mister Cow. Everyone tells me I’m crazy and that it actually happened, but I know there’s something fishy about the whole thing. It all started that cold Tuesday night, my wife, now ex-wife, Miss Dish, had gone out with some of her “friends” for Miss Bowls birthday. I stayed home, turned on the TV, and started watching Game of Chairs. As the episode was ending, a news flash appeared on the screen. I was angry to start because I had been waiting to see how it ended forever, but I became even angrier when I saw my wife, running off with Mister Spoon in the background. The Dog, laughing hysterically, was being focused in on along with…show more content…
“Hello,” I said to him. “If you don’t mind I would like to talk for a while about what happened that Tuesday night of the moon jumping.” He wiped milk off of his face and said, “Ah yes, what a glorious night that was indeed. Mister Cow had just come by for drinks and after a couple milk shots I bet him to jump over the moon. Sure enough he did. It was incredible.” Right then and there I had my suspicions that this here feline might just be a Milkoholic. “So Cat, do you often have drinks with Mister Cow?” “When I could afford it, but now, we drink and watch TV every day,” he said with a burp. “Thank you for your time.” “No…show more content…
When I arrived, I was welcomed by Mister spoon and he yelled to Miss dish, “Honey! We have company!” She ran down the stairs only to roll her eyes and slam the door. I decided it might be best if I moved on to the next suspect. As I proceeded to the Dog House, I was welcomed in by the jolly face of the Dog. “Hello,” the Dog said to me with a smile, “How can I be of service.” “What do you recall happening the night of the moon Jumping,” I replied. “Well this is kind of embarrassing, I don’t know exactly what happened that night, see, I have early stages of dementia. I do know that I wasn’t laughing at Mister Cow, but at a joke my wife had recently told me. I ended up getting tied up in the whole thing when I didn’t even see it happen, at least I don’t think I did?” “Thank you for your time,” I said and then left. It was now night and I had no other witnesses. I looked up at the night sky with the moon, and then it hit me. The Man on the Moon! I called him and talked for a while and sure enough he said he never saw it
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