Mistreatment In Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre is about a woman who was raised by her aunt, Mrs. Reed, who is unrelated. Her childhood was of abuse and mistreatment by Mrs. Reed and her children. She found no comfort in this home and was falsely accused of being a child miscreant. Therefore, Mrs. Reed decided to send her to the Lowood Institute, a boarding school for girls. Jane arrives at the Lowood Institute and meets her friend Helen Burns and a kind teacher Miss Temple. However, she is treated badly at the institute as well, and her and the other girls are starved and don’t have adequate protection from the elements. After two years of this mistreatment an epidemic spreads and, while Helen dies during this time, the public became aware of the mistreatment and this caused changes in the…show more content…
Rochester however also began to develop feelings for Jane and decided to test if Jane has feelings for him by pursuing a beautiful woman named Blanche Ingram. Through this trick Rochester discovers that Jane does have feelings for him, and he proposes to her. Jane accepts his proposal. However, during the wedding ceremony it is discovered that Rochester is married to a crazy woman in house that he kept secret from Jane. Jane can’t accept this and runs away from Rochester and his estate, she experiences a few days of hardship and then find solace with the Rivers. While there she meets St. John Rivers, a missionary. Their relationship develops to where St. Johns is dominating Jane. Eventually, St. John proposes to Jane, however Jane hears Rochester’s voice and decides she loves Rochester and to run away from St. John. Jane runs back to Rochester’s place but discovers it has been burnt down. She learns that the crazy wife of Rochester burned it down, and that Rochester was living in a cottage on his lands. Jane finds Rochester and in the end she marries
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