Misunderstoid Stereotypes In The Workplace

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Stereotypes and people's preconceived thoughts can also cause problems in the workplace. Making jokes about colleagues because of their race or culture could damage professional relationships and is not permitted under equality and diversity policies in most workplaces. Also misunderstood stereotypes can lead to tension or difficulty in the workplace. This could mean that a man in a team would not ask a woman for help even though she could be the person trained for the job. This would be a stereotype that women aren’t higher than men in the workplace so she can’t know something he doesn’t. This could then spark arguments in the group or the work that is needed to cannot be done.

This could be helped by having better education of other cultures doing teamwork exercises to get the team members to interact and get to know each other better.
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This could be a barrier because people don't understand what is being said or misinterpret it also gives a poor interpretation eg. that you're badly trained/ unprofessional or even lazy. This can improved for example using spell checker on your computer and getting a co-worker to proofread reports or emails before you send them out. Another barrier to written communication is irrelevant content. This will waste the readers time, could confuse them, or stop them reading as the information is irrelevant. It is much better to use relevant and up to date information so the reader can easily read through the text and learning all that they need without a lot of pointless information in the middle of text. This barrier could be prevented by using outlines for things such as letters as seen in figure 3 on page

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