Mitch Albom's Change In Tuesdays With Morrie

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Mitch Albom how does he change in the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I think that Mitch changes as the story progresses. In the beginning of the story he lives a normal life job, wife, children and friends. But then that all changes when he sees the interview with Ted Koppel and his old professor Morrie, in the interview he learns about Morrie’s diseases and that Morrie is going to die. At first he does not believe that he is going to die, he will tell him self that there is no why his old professor is going to die. Then he starts to fell bad about not staying in contact with Morrie, which a little bit later in the story he goes to see Morrie. When he starts to see Morrie his live is forever changed. The first time he sees his old professor he starts to bargain with himself about if he should be in Morrie’s life or not. But he does want to be with Morrie in this hard time in Morrie’s life. At the end of the first visited with Morrie he tells his old professor every Tuesday. Before the second time he sees Morrie, he losses his job because the Union goes on strike and his work place is shut down because of the strike.The second time he goes to see his…show more content…
Now some people know they are going to die son because they have a disease like cancer or ALS one that they know they can no recover from but most of us think that they are going to live forever but in some way that might be true. Now you are not going to live forever on this earth but you my go some where else into the after life, that is what most religions believe but know one knows what is going to happen but you just need to live life to the fullest. That I think changes Mitch in a big why because he is depressed about Morrie dying and this helps him a little to get over

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