Mitch Rapp Analysis

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Mitch Rapp is an American agent that works for the CIA for a counterterrorism unit called the “Orion Team.” He is sent on a subtle mission in Germany to assassinate Heinrich Hagenmiller, an arms dealer that has been doing illegal business with Saddam Hussein. Rapp lucratively took care of Hagenmiller, only to be deceived by his partners. Jane and Tom Hoffman were Rapp’s acquaintances for this mission, they attempted to shoot Rapp two times in the chest, knocking him over and going unconscious. Little did they know that he had a thick jacket lined with Kevlar, which is a thick form of a bulletproof vest that immersed the bullets. Hank Clark is a corrupt Republican U.S. senator that ordered the assassination on Rapp, hoping that it would embarrass the president. As all this drama and politics are going on, Rapp decides to hide out in France and get himself together. Rapp then goes back to Washington to talk to his Agency, and he found out that a lot of his colleagues are getting killed. And worst of all, his girlfriend got kidnapped by the assassins. As Rapp sets out to find his girlfriend, he finds out that this is a trap, and he needs to watch his back at all…show more content…
Does it turn you into a total insuperable badass? “Rapp grabbed his leather shoulder holster and put it over his white dress shirt” (Flynn 28). It is obvious that Rapp is the type of agent that has huge muscles and is superb at fighting, but how good of an assassin is he? Is he sneaky? Will he be seen when Hagenmiller goes down? Although Rapp’s mission is completed successfully, it would be nice if you could just ask him all the details. How did Rapp not know that his acquaintances were going to try to kill him? Were they not acting differently than normal? Wouldn’t his boss be acting weird towards him, knowing he will soon be dead? I have a lot of questions, and it is in my interest to have a conversation with Vince Flynn, rest in peace my
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