Mitchell Schwartz's Tuesdays With Morrie

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Teachers have shaped the world. Whether it be your kindergarten teacher that influences you or just your grandpa teaching you how to fix cars. In the book, Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitchell Schwartz reunites with his favorite college professor. Mitch hasn’t seen his professor since graduation because he has been so caught up in life. Although he has promised to keep in touch, it has been sixteen years and his professor has acquired the disease ALS. Mitch only remembers of his professor when he sees his fragile, limp body sitting in a chair talking on TV. Mitch decides to reconnect with his professor, Morrie, and they instantly fall back into their old friendly conversations. Morrie was is a great man that influenced anyone he talked to. He had…show more content…
Mitch was a sports journalist for a living, but had recently lost his job.So he decide to record all of his talks with Morrie, every Tuesday being about a different life lesson. This was a project that made Morrie so happy and gave him something to look forward to. They talked about things like: regrets in life, family, culture, money and marriage. On the fourth tuesday Morrie brings up that at any point you can die. Everyone is going to die at some point, but everyone just expects it to be later. Morrie explains, now that he is dieing he feels more alive than ever. He sees everything so differently, and appreciates every little thing now. Morrie realizes that no one, nowadays, puts their full attention into what they are doing, or who they are talking to anymore. Instead we get too wrapped up in the materialistic things.We all are just trying to find ourselves in the world, but we buy things thinking they will give us happiness. When that is not the case it just makes us feel emptier. The society is brainwashed into thinking we need something when we really just want it. We just get drowned in the advertisement that “more is good.” Morrie informs Mitch never to buy into this, and to form his own
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