Mixed Race Children Research Paper

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Struggles Mixed Race Children Face
My term paper talks about the struggles that mixed race children go through their entire life and how it affects them.. The reason why I picked this topic was the fact that I am a child of mixed race, and others who are like me know what it was like to be a victim of discrimination.In addition to that, the topic I chose involves different privileges based on ethnicity; such as white privilege, and minorities, or in other words, people of color.
One movie that had supported my research would be the movie “Belle”, which was directed by British screenwriter Amma Asante. In the movie, a girl named Dido Belle was a child of mixed race who was found by John Lindsay whose parents did not approve of her. John told his parents it was his decision and it was the right thing to do since she had no one. As the movie progresses, you could tell that his parents did not like the idea since it was in the 1800’s which was the era that had a problem with race. An example would be when Bella questioned John on why she was not allowed to eat with her family because she was a minority, and she could not eat with the help with the same reason. In other words she was to high class to east with the help but to low class to eat with her family. The truth with all of this was the fact that they wanted to keep her to herself until she got
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This talks about a few struggles mixed race kids will have throughout their own life. A problem they will experience will be the fact that no one will fully accept them in the “full blooded”. Another problem would be that they will always get asked about certain foods they eat and how they know so much about the prolific item. Lastly will be having family that may not be living in the same general area of them and they will be needing to assist their family who lives in another country who are dealing with economic
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