Miyax And Julie Of The Wild Comparison Essay

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Imagine being stranded in the most bizarre place on Earth alone and with nothing to survive with. In the two excerpts, we will be talking about, they both share the same basis stated above with its protagonists. The two excerpts we will be talking about are the stories Hatchet and Julie from the Wolves. Both protagonists, Miyax from Julie of the Wolves and Brian from Hatchet are both stuck in the wildness and have to solve difficult situations to survive at the very least. In the excerpt, Julie of the Woods by Jean Craighead George, Miyax is stuck in the outskirts of the cold wilderness in Alaska with no one after her father has not returned from sea. She has not been able to catch food and rely on the wolves to catch her food, but the wolves have been ignoring her since. Now it is up to Miyax to develop a way, for which the wolves will bring her food for her survival. Following Julie of the Wolves comes Hatchet. Hatchet shares a similar fate of being abandoned with the protagonist Brian, who shortly figures out that for his carelessness, his food and shelter has been vandalized by a mere skunk. If he wishes not to defend himself, he will never…show more content…
For example, it is found out when Miyax decides to wait patiently for the wolves to get her food even though the wolves haven 't even glanced at her for 2 whole days. This proves that she is patient. This can be found in the excerpt, Julie of the Wolves as stated, "She waited. Patience with the ways of nature had been instilled in her by her father. And so she knew better than to move or shout. Yet she must get food or die. Her hands shook slightly and she swallowed hard to keep calm." As stated, you can see that Miyax was a patient type of person and she understands that patience is the way of life, and if you don 't play the game by its rules, you will
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