Mla Citation For Night By Elie Wiesel

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A is for Auschwitz, the death camp where Elie and his family were deported to first. Elie's mom and sister, Tzipora, were killed here.

B is for Buna, he concentration camp where Elie and his father did back breaking labor for 6 months.

C is for Concentration camp, a type of prison camp where Elie Wiesel and others were forced to do hard labor for no pay.

D is for Disease like dysentery, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and typhoid were common in concentration camps due to the overcrowding.

E is for Elie, the main character and author of the novel. He is known for his humanitarian work and awards.

F is for Fear, the people in the concentration camps were always under fear because they were facing horrible conditions and they could die at …show more content…

I is for Idek, the kapo who was in charge of Elie Wiesel's unit at Auschwitz and who beat him for no apparent reason.

G is for Gas Chambers, were where countless Jews were slaughtered when they were convinced that they were going to take showers.

J is for Jews the people who were the target of Nazi persecution throughout the course of World War II. The Nazi Party blamed for all their shortcoming.

K is for Kapo,were Jewish prisoners with more power and rights who were in charge of the ordinary prisoners.

L is for Loss, as Elie Wiesel like countless other lost a large portion of their family.

M is for Malnutrition, the people in the concentration camps were suffering from malruntirion as they were hardly getting any food
N is for Nazi, A group of the German Fascist party who supported Hitler and discriminated against Jews.

O is for Outlast, Jews had to outlast selection if they wanted any chance to survive.

P is for The Pipel,The hanging of the Pipel was extremely tough for Elie to witness as the the boy represented youth and innocence.

R is for Red Army, the military of the USSR run by Joseph Stalin who fought against Hitler and the Nazi

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