Comparing Martin Luther King Jr And Abraham Lincoln

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Over the course of history, many people have fought for equality between African-American and whites. They fought very well to bring us to this day and age. Some important people that have done so are Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln. All of which had hope for a brighter future but they had different means of getting it. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln both inspired people to quit segregation with the speeches that they gave in front of large crowds of people. Knowing this, it would be expected that their speeches would share some similarities. They both had the same mindset while giving these speeches, they both were very important in their own respect and manner, and they both spoke in front of a large crowd of people. Both Dr. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln had the same mindset in what they did. They both wanted the world to see that colored people are no different from any other race in the world and that they should be treated the exact same way. In Kings famous “I have a …show more content…

Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln were both very famous and respected in their own way. Back then and right now. Martin Luther king was famous and respected for his willingness to fight for the rights of his fellow people no matter how hard it was to stand up for themselves at the time. People were dying and getting locked up in jail but still he didn 't let that stop him and he just stayed focus on a brighter future for African Americans. We still talk about him to this day which goes to show how much he did for us and how famous he is along with how much respect the world has for him. Abraham Lincoln was the president which by itself gave him much importance and popularity. He took care of our country and got us through the civil war. A time where our nation was divided and were really weak. Also he signed the emancipation proclamation which freed the african american slaves which gained him respect all around the United

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