Mlk's Contribution To The Civil Rights Movement

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These men have indirectly instilled a cultural pride, confidence to African Americans globally. Their actions inspired a revolution to make changes towards how people of various walks of life view each other. Martin Luther King, Jr. did numerous things to bring greater equality to America and to ensure civil rights for all people regardless of ethnicity . The major contributions that Martin Luther King did were to bring publicity to major civil rights activities and efforts. He both stressed and demonstrated the importance of non-violent protest and resistance. He Was on the forefront of the African-American civil right movement. In addition he was indirectly repairing racial wounds and defending and providing support to those mistreated by …show more content…

Both were from different social classes but endured the same hardships. MLK was a proponent of nonviolence and wanted blacks and whites to exist and work together. Both of these black pioneers paved the way for how we view the topic of race. Because of MLK peaceful approach to the movement his legacy is well respected among people all around the world. Due to the way he carried himself the world has a new, positive perspective on blacks. Despite their many differences these men had a common mission; to influence equality amongst blacks and whites. They put themselves at risk of imprisonment , death , criticism so young women and men can co exist regardless of the shade of their skin. This is especially important because of the current world problems that surround race. Young black men and women lives are compromised each day solely because they are African American. But even while our backs are against the wall we still apply Martins teaching of a nonviolent response. Equally important to the teachings of Malcolm X we persevere and show we our knowledge beings that we are not the stereotypes the media tries to portray us as. Ultimately their methods were put in place to help generations onwards. They wanted blacks to be judged by their character and the type of individual they are not the shade of their skin or the color in their family tree. All in all we have made progress in defusing racial tensions by educating the ignorant. As well as not resorting to utilizing the social ills the oppressor uses towards

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