Mlk's Inspirational Speech

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Inspiration can be found anywhere, from the littlest of moments to the most memorable human beings. Regardless of how come it is, Martin Luther King Jr. has always been an inspiration to me. MLK has proven himself to nobel, intelligent, and firm in his beliefs. I have always believed that violence is never the answer. MLK help improve the basic rights for African Americans without resorting to violence, instead MLK used nonviolent civil disobedience. Most notably is MLK’s I had a dream speech. This speech while iconic, is also a very inspirational speech all over the world. While it is well known that MLK was fighting for the civil rights of African Americans at the time, he did so with dignity and grace. Today discrimination is widespread,…show more content…
In the future I aspire for the world to be full of people like him; persistent, and firm in their beliefs, but also understanding with a great sense of human nature. I am a firm believer that if we understand our history, and really learn from it that it will not repeat itself. In recent years I have seen an increasing tension among whites and african americans that I was not aware of as a child. The most notable difference between today and MLK’s time is that I have yet to discover a modern day Martin Luther King Jr. I have noticed plenty of people who understand the growing diversity and who want to close the race gap. However many of those people seem to believe that violence and unlawful disobedience is the way to combat this division. Martin Luther King Jr’s. persistence, and unwavering belief in humanity inspires me to stand up for what I believe is right and to be firm in my beliefs. If a african american man can stand up in time of discrimination and announce that the nature of the mistreatment was wrong and against human nature, I too can take a stand and help close the race gap that MLK worked so hard to close during his
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