Mmm Reflection Questions

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1. How much did you know about MTM before the topic discussions? Before the first day of this MTM rotation, I thought this rotation would be like “brown bags” activities in lab. The “brown bag” activities in lab consisted of reviewing the patient’s pill bottles and identifying drug therapy problems without any resources other than our brains. Therefore, my understanding of MTM is about identifying drug therapy problems. 2. What knowledge did you gain from the topic discussions? I learned so many things from these readings because I knew practically nothing about MTM. Some of the more memorable and interesting facts from the reading is that health care initiatives publish quality information about providers and treatment options. The availability of these information allow consumers to make informed choices as well as allowing other providers to see how their care compared to others. I’m surprised by the transparency of these information because it turned the health field into a trading market. It also feels like the health field has been tainted with financial incentives. However, these competitions are good strategies to promote “survival-of-the-fitness,” so everyone can receive the best care possible. Along the same line, the fact that CMS only determines the cutoff for 4 star rating plans and plans below 4 stars are to compete with…show more content…
These quality measures mainly focus on medication errors, quality of medication use, and performance measures to align with physicians and health plan measures. This is a really exciting regulation because it would really help reduce the amount of medication errors and reduce health costs by eliminating unnecessary, duplicate, and harmful therapy. With this rule in place, hopefully corporates would shift their focus from quantity provided (number of scripts) per day to quality
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