Mm's Safety Case Summary

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Summary Recently a group of therapist administered the SAFER v. 3 to assess MM’s safety in her two-story home in Blue Bell, PA. After completing the assessment it was determined that MM has several areas that were deemed either “mild” or “moderate” problem areas. Much of this has to do with her intellectual disabilities or her mild CP, which causes her to toe walk. Of note, however, is the face that MM lives with her two parents and has an aide that comes to her home four times a week. Without her parents providing support she would most certainly have scored differently on some areas of the assessment. MM’s first area in which she experiences mild problems is in functional mobility. As previously mentioned, most of her issues with mobility are due to a loss of balance caused by her toe walking. Although it does not happen often, MM exhibits slight problems with going up and down both indoor and outdoor stairs. Also she has problems with transfers in and out of vehicles, although some of this difficulty is due to her 4’6 height. Finally, she has a very big problem getting in and out of the family’s pool. Swimming is one of her…show more content…
Although the bathroom was recently remodeled the step into the bathtub is very high, making it difficult for her to step into the tub. Often times she states that she feels as if she is going to fall when stepping in and out of the tub. Grab bars were installed but there is no anti slip surface on the tub to help aide in her balance. Additionally, her mother has stated concern that if MM were to start to fall that she may not have the upper body strength to hold onto the bar and pull herself to an upright position. Finally, once in the shower many of her products are one the highest and lowest shelf. MM has expressed concern that she often feels like she is about to fall when she reaches for these
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