Mmti Personality Profile Essay

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Discovery of my MBTI personality profile My conformed profile is ENTP; this means that in business and school I am an extroverted, innovative, and ingenious at problem-solving. I am very excited by new ideas and projects, but can neglect the most common aspects of the life. Generally, I am frank and assertive. I like people and motivate them. My absolute opposite of my profile is ISFJ. They are patient people who use common sense and use their experience to solve others' problems. They are responsible, loyal and traditional. They like to serve others by giving them practical assistance. I have my friend Paola; I did the MBTI test for her, just to confirm her personality. Her MBTI personality profile is ISFJ. She is a very good young woman,…show more content…
I lost what I invested without gaining anything. The situation was difficult because the invested money was not my own money, thus it so it had to be paid back. And I really had no work or a source of income which allowed me to repay on time, thus so I did not know how I was going to repay that money. My second difficult situation was when I changed school I almost repeated a grade not for inattention otherwise I did not really feel in my ease in the class in the classroom. Since my arrival the other kids were really mean, I went through hell. They multiplied the hurtful remarks toward me, shouted at me and made me understand that I was good for useless; and the more I fought back, the worse they became. The situation was difficult because I had another perspective of a new school, I wanted to make friends, not enemies and it disrupted my school year. Yes, I will definitely handle the two situations I described differently: In the first place I would start by listening to the advice of my circle of acquaintances. Think; weigh the pros and cons. Inform in what I was going to invest. Look for other opinions from more skilled people in the field. I would be less spontaneous rather more planned and organized. Second, I was not going to get into the evil game in which these kids wanted to train me. Staying calm as well as possible, so not to let them the pleasure of destabilizing
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