Mmtmt B Disadvantages

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learning function. When thinking of how this test is administrated in multiple atmospheres, one may wonder how assessable it is for the clinician. However, those who designed the BVMT-R had this in mind and made them easy to be handled and transported to various environments such as clinics, fields, courts, hospitals rooms, etc. Trail Making Test Form B (TMT-B) assesses the participant 's visual scanning, attention, mental flexibility, and visual-motor speed. The TMT-B requires the participant to draw a continuous line connecting circles in ascending order, alternating between number (1 through 13) and letter (A through K). The score is the time, in seconds, required to complete the test (Reitan, 1992). Even though the TMT-B seems simple and…show more content…
While some argue that keeping up with technological advances can work out as an advantage to those administering and taking the baseline and post-concussion tests, others think that it can hinder the concussion testing. Disadvantages of computerized test administration include some variability in timing measurements, a restricted response format (ie, not amendable to open-ended responses), and the common misperception that because the instructions, stimuli, and scoring are processed through a computer, there is less of a need for interpersonal instruction or supervision (Cernich, Brennana, Barker, & Bleiberg, 2007; Vaughan, Gerst, Sady, Newman, & Gioia, 2014). When there is a group setting, it is more difficult to supervise and to instruct. This brings forth the issue of being able to make sure each individual understands and comprehends the instructions given for the test. There are also factors of behavior when groups of athletes get together for concussion testing. They may be more easily distracted when they are sitting in a computer lab surrounded by peers rather than if they were one on one with the individual administering a paper and pencil test. There is also a lack in feedback or reinforcement when depending on a computerized test which could lower motivating and cause the test takers to become…show more content…
A particularly worrisome and erroneous belief is that a person must suffer a blow to the head in order to be diagnosed with a concussion (Coghlin, Myles, & Howitt, 2009). Some also think that if you aren’t knocked unconscious then it is isn’t as serious. These misconceptions can results in non-reporting of symptoms and possible undiagnosed concussion. The mechanism of injury is not only identified as a blow the head, it can also be either a blow to the neck, back, face, or any other part of the body or interference with an object such as the ground, another person, or a goal post that can cause force to the brain causing a concussion. The word “concussion” derives from the Latin concussus, which means to shake violently (Brooks & Hunt, 2006). This is what happens to the brain when one of these mechanisms occurs. If there is a health care professional on the sideline of the sporting event, such as an Athletic Trainer, it is important for him or her to pay close attention to try to detect those types of hits or occurrences to keep an eye out for possible

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