A Multinational Corporation

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Executive Summary
A Multinational Corporation (MNC), also commonly known as transnational corporation, is an organisation or a corporation that has established offices and/or factories and other assets in one or more foreign country other than its home country with global management usually co-ordinated by a centralized head office (Investopedia, n.d.). Every MNC has different strategy when penetrating into new markets and in this paper, I will explore the internationalization process of a chosen MNC in an emerging market. I will also touch on why the chosen country is an emerging country and how country factors can influence internationalisation process. The boundaries of this essay will be confined strictly to one MNC’s entry into one emerging market, backed by research resources. As much as possible, findings will be based on facts but it is not definitive of the actual process and strategy that the MNC has at the time of entry.
Introduction (Globalisation)
According to Thomas Friedman, there’re three eras of globalisation: Countries, companies and individual (Friedman,
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Individualism: Comparatively, India can be considered a moderately Collectivist society. Indians see the need in being accepted by their peers, and in organisations, employee’s loyalty is reciprocated by employer’s protection, making human resource decisions based on relationships. The individualism is believed to have stemmed from India’s dominant religion – Hinduism, with the philosophy that of death and rebirth is dependent on how the individual lived the preceding life, making them responsible for their own life. There is a stark difference from the British’s mentality, where from young, each are thought to embrace their uniqueness and that one should lead life and work towards personal fulfilment according to what they perceive for it to be. In this area, it affects task allocation and organisation structure, that in India, they would possibly perform better in a group than

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