Mo Tzu Against Music Analysis

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Art is a creative form of expression that people create and enjoy at different levels. There are so many different types of art that people tend to connect with it, making it very popular throughout society. However, throughout time, very influential authors have questioned art, its purpose, and its place in society. In Mo Tzu’s piece, “Against Music,” Tzu specifically discusses music, but he ,more importantly, states how music actually hurts society as a whole. While in “What is Art,” Leo Tolstoy judges what makes art great, he is still an advocate for art in general. Another large difference between Tolstoy and Tzu’s views are that Tzu essentially believes art is useless, but Tolstoy explains that art actually has value as it moves people…show more content…
Tzu lived during 425 BCE, a time where people were more concerned with how they were getting their next meal and how they would survive through harsh winter months. So, to Tzu, there is no point in wasting time or money or resources on something like art. Tzu believes it is dangerous for a society to make music or art popular in society, because they need to keep all focus on living. Even though Tzu admits that art can be beautiful and that the wealthy can reasonably enjoy or make art, he still thinks art overall has no place in any society (238). Now, Tolstoy’s views are almost completely different. He thinks that art should not only be created and enjoyed by the wealthy or elite. Tolstoy states that, for art to actually be good or even really considered art at all, it must be understandable for all people (266). Although Tolstoy does judge art, he does not think society should be rid of it completely ass Tzu does. Instead, Tolstoy believes that art needs to be something that can be relatable in a way that everyone can comprehend. To Tolstoy, art is very important for people to express and feel emotions as long as it is comprehensible to the masses
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