Moai On Easter Island Essay

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Great ideas and innovations don’t appear out of nowhere, it takes time, dedication and most of all hard work. There are two great man made things that took much hard work from many different people to build, things like that which were built years ago is still a mystery to people nowadays. These two man made things are the Moai on Easter Island and the Panama Canal. Both of them took much dedication and also are marvels to people even today however, differ in many ways as well, an example of witch would be any known reasons to build them and how they were built.
To begin this composition, both these structures took great dedication to make in both time, energy and resources. The Moai on Easter Island were great statues and due to their weight and height and complexity it is hard to believe that these statues were made in a week or two and it is even harder to believe that these structures were made with basic tools. It would also take a great deal of time to build one, however not only one or two were made but 877 Moai statues were made and each varying in size and weight. The second structure which is the
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Moai on Easter Island are very large and there are many of them in the island and therefore many people visit it even to this day to see the creations of the Natives of the Easter Island. 877 large statues ranging from 3.5 ft. to about 72 feet and weighing up to 165 tons. The Panama Canal however is also a marvel today because it has made life much easier for many people far and wide as well as taking much time and effort to create such a thing with old technology “Some amazing technology has been developed in the past 100 years, but the Panama Canal remains one of the greatest engineering marvels in the world.” Showing that these structures are wonders to in their own way respectably and have great uses or are just beautiful to
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