Moana Argumentative Essay

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Katy Perry sang, "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again". She was comparing identity to a plastic bag because a person's identity is constantly changing. A person's identity can change over time because of the people they spend time with, the events that occur in their life, and the things people discover. The people a person spends the most time around impact their beliefs. In Moana, Maui was changed because he spent time with Moana. At the beginning of the movie, Maui acts selfish and refuses to help Moana return the heart. Moana is eventually able to convince Maui to help her because he will get praise for saving Te Fiti. At the end, Maui apologizes for being selfish. Maui's identity changed…show more content…
For example, Thomas Edison was forever changed because he discovered how to make a light bulb work. If Thomas Edison had not invented the light bulb, people would have not heard of him. His hard work and dedication to his science career allowed him to be the inventor of the light bulb. His invention changed other people because they were able to have light bulbs in their homes, but it changed the identity of Thomas Edison. Edison changed from being a normal scientist to a famous inventor. His identity was changed, and there are people generations later who still know who he is. The identity of the people who wanted to get a light bulb also changed. Before the invention, people used candles and did not complain about the lack of technology, but when light bulbs were invented, they were greedy because they wanted to be the first people with new technology. The discovery of the light bulb changed the identity of Thomas Edison and the people who purchased light bulbs. The identity of a person changes when they spend time with new people, life-changing events occur, and when they discover new things. At the end of Katy Perry's song, Firework, she says, "Baby you're a firework, come on let your colors burst." She wants every one to let their true identities
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