Mob Mentality In Literature

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Final Draft: How is Mob Mentality Revealed in Literature and Society? Mob mentality is the idea that a person’s associates influence their actions, behaviors and morals. This can be caused by a number of factors. One is the anonymity there is in a group. The consequences and blame are shared between the members of the group instead of just an individual. So in a group an individual has ‘less’ responsibility causing them to act in ways they would not normally. Another factor is that doing what the group is doing is easiest. Mob mentality is negatively revealed in literature and society through everyday politics, social interactions, and art because it is the easier thing to do. Mob mentality is shown in literature through the book. A Tale of Two Cities and To Kill a Mockingbird. In A Tale of Two of Two Cities there is a violent dance called the Carmagnole. The revolutionaries in the streets danced this dance. As more and more people joined it became more and more aggressive and vicious. This portrays this idea that mob mentality is negatively shown in literature. In chapter 15 of To Kill a Mockingbird, a mob of people went to Tom Robinson’s house to lynch him but Scout separated Mr. Cunningham, the leader of…show more content…
She writes, “for the easiest part of the song is the chorus,” (moonlitdancer 1) She explains that going along with what the crowd is doing is easier to do than to stand out. In the song ‘The Art of Peer Pressure” by Kendrick Lamar he explains that when you’re with your friends you make different choices that are otherwise against your morals. He raps, “really I’m a sober soul but I’m with the homies right now.” Lamar is saying that usually he stays sober and doesn’t drink alcohol but when he’s with his ‘homies’ he does. Both of these pieces of art show that when one is in a group they are more likely to do what the group is doing because that’s the most effortless thing to
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