Mobby Dick As A Tragic Hero

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MOBY DICK AND SHAKESPEAREAN TRAGEDY Moby Dick is a revenge tale about the revengeful quest of a wounded man for the powerful force of nature; Moby Dick; and the perishing memories of the questors and the wounded questor into the deep perils of the sea, who engulfs all; leaving one as the sole survivor and witness to unveil and unfold the awful revenge tragedy of stubbornness that outlived the American imagination. Richard Chase in his book describes Moby dick as “the most startling and characteristic products of American imagination. ( Gayatri N 2014 :244) Herman Melville felt that American literature could acquire new depth and dimension by achieving a Shakespearean quality in their literature. Shakespeare’s tragic heroes are often the ones who land into a tragic situation because of their wrong judgment and hence taking a wrong decision .In Shakespeare plays like Macbeth, Othello, king Lear, Romeo Juliet we see how the characters themselves are unknowingly the reason behind their downfall and death. All of the tragic heroes were noble people with one tragic flaw which created havoc in their life. When compared to Shakespeare’s heroes Melville created Ahab as akin to Shakespeare’s heroes. Shakespearean tragic heroes, for example Macbeth and Lear are blinded by hubris or…show more content…
Ahab the ship captain lusts to take revenge against nature’s one of the strongest being ; whale who took away one of his legs replacing it with a wooden leg. He is a man shown having revenge as the only determined goal in his

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