Mobile Ad Hoc Network Case Study

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1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 What is Manet?
Manet (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) is a multiple packet based wireless network comprises set of mobile nodes used to transfer the related information without using any system structure. It is able to change the networks and doesn’t need any structure to maintain the data. It uses wireless connections to connect to various networks because they are mobile. The connections may be done through Wi-Fi connection, or another medium, such as a cellular or satellite transmission. Figure 1.1.1 Structure of MANET
The above Figure 1.1.1 shows the structure of Manet. Manet’s mainly considers the transmission range which is used to send the data from source to destination.
1.1.2 How MANET Works?
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 Nodal connectivity is not continuous.

1. Infrastructure-based Networks:
 Maintains fixed structure.
 Nodes communicate with network based on one point.
 Mostly suitable for the areas where APs are provided. Figure Infrastructure-based Networks
The above figure shows the infrastructure based network connection, which is one type of network connections in Manet’s. These form of networks are connected through different connections.
2. Infrastructure-less Networks
 Work is done without any system and the related point in the network.
 Every network performs the routing process simultaneously. Figure Infrastructure-less Networks
The above figure shows the infrastructure-less networks, which is one type of Manet’s. These forms of networks are formed without any structure, so it is named as structure-less networks.
3. Nodes:
 Resources are limited related to nodes.
 network may be changeable
 Assigning the addresses.

4. Wireless channels:
 Consumes high error rates.
 The quality is variably high.
 Bandwidth is too low.
 transforming nature
 Maintains security.
1.2 Types of MANET’s:
There are different types of Manet’s shown

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