Eishkom: Mobile Application In The Work Environment

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NRODUCTION Mobile applications are the fastest and convenient way to get work done. They help people stay up to date with their work. People do not have to carry a lot of papers in their bags while they can just have an application that can contain almost everything that they wrote on paper. They can keep most of the things in their mobile devices, which have the applications. People do not really need to always be in front of their laptops or computers to access their desktop when there is Splashtop! Mobile applications are very helpful in the work environment, especially if an individual does not like carrying a lot of things. One of the examples is estate agents, they deal with a lot of customers every now and then, and there is probably…show more content…
It is a cheap and fast browser application that lets people access the internet. It is an advantage for business owners, because the internet has become one of the most important resources in terms of running a business, it is now expensive to use. In a business, electricity is the most important resource, without electricity; computers, printers, fax machines, will not work. This is where EishKom comes in. With the Eishkom application, business owners and workers will be able to check when the electricity will go off and will be able to make proper arrangements in time, so that the business will continue running. Employers and employees need to know what is happening around them and most parts of the world. They cannot always sit and watch television or read a newspaper for a long time because that will be wasting time. One application that keeps people up to date with news is BuzzFeed News, an application that solves such issues. Both employers and employees catch up on the latest stories while they are at…show more content…
“The app focuses on quick news consumption allowing users to “catch up” on the most important current stories in a scrobble feedwith content selected by BuzzFeed’s editors.” (Brandy Shaul, add date). The application offers summeries and the background information, to help readers comprehend and get where and how the story came about, users can also share the stories via socal networks. (Brandy Shaul, add date). The application will also help users help their friends and colligues to be up to date with what is happening around the world, by sharing the stories via social networks and e-mal. BuzzFeed News might some times have false stories, because reporters some times do write false stories and this could misslead the users. It may also happen that the stories they put are not important to even be on the headlines and this could actually waste the users time.

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