Mobile Marketing In The Hospitality Industry

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Mobile marketing encompasses all the activities in which connects advertisers to their consumers through mobile devices and networks. Mobile marketing is also described as a multi-channel and a digital marketing strategy. These strategies are aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, text messages, social media, and apps. As mobile devices become increasingly common to the average person, more and more companies are engaging in the strategy of mobile marketing.
In today's digital era, mobile marketing is rising at a very fast pace. As of April 2012, mobile devices were in use by roughly 234 million Americans. This is out of a total population of roughly 312 million,
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Currently, mobile technologies have drastically taken a leap with 3G, Wi-Fi, text messages, and GPS. It’s a fact that a huge population of people access the Internet through their mobile devices exploring a wide range of mobile technologies such as application, advertisement, and push notifications. Current applications and the potential for future applications of mobile marketing in the travel and hospitality industries today have grown exponentially. In today’s society mobile marketing is taken very seriously at all fronts of the hospitality industry. Experts have done extensive research and recommends for hotels to create a user-friendly mobile site. Along with adding basic and advanced functions to be able to reach out to the potential audience. Thus they are able to generate more bookings and reservations with adding customer experience…show more content…
The location-based mobile marketing is a specific mobile service that will enable the mobile provider to send a message to a large customer-database. This strategy will also focus on providing data and information like directions, location and mapping. Popular photo and video sharing social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook will be able to provide powerful medium to visually communicate. Thus they will be able to showcase various aspects of hotels and restaurants such as dining areas, room types, and the overall atmosphere of the places in the hospitality industries. Social media along with mobile devices go hand-in-hand together. Smart hotel industry executives need to focus more on the emerging social media trend to drive traffic and unique visitors into their hotel site, thus would bring in more business for the company as a whole.
Experts recommend that hotel managers should start to strengthen their professional relationship with their customers through a series of social networks. The world of technology as we know it is constantly increasing at a faster pace every day. This is resulting in new and improved innovative technology for increased

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