Mobile Network Disadvantages

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The whole world of technology is changing rapidly, billions of people use mobile cell phones everywhere in the world, it 's even hard to keep track to what 's happening exactly to the development of this technology when it comes to gadgets, software, networks and communication . In this paper, I will discuss the important aspects of the technology of Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) .. according to the definition, function, evolution advantages and disadvantages .I will also talk about the evolution of the generations of mobile networks as they developed, as these types of networks are an important aspect of our everyday life, and we use them without noticing. Evolution of mobile networks : This whole evolution started when the replaced analog mobile networks (1st generation ) in the that was used during the 80s when every country had its own system, and was so limited at that time, with digital ones in the early 90s which was the 2nd generation systems .It used to be circuit driven and now it’s a world of packets through intermediate overlay networks. Now (GSM) is standing on the whole market and covers approximately 66% of it, and increasing . so it’s a huge economy, the market started demanding new applications like SMS (short message service ) and voice mobility was then being strongly demanded. Then the idea of the 3rd generation came because of the demanding and need for a higher bit rate, new frequencies and more capacity. PLMN was then used with Packet
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