Mobile Phone Advantages And Disadvantages

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In old ages, if you have to send across your message to anyone you have to send a messenger who used to travel across long distance to deliver your message. From there on there is lot of advancement in the communication sector for sending your messages to call someone who is at far place. Earlier you use to send letters to your loved ones and have to wait for their reply; then came telephones. You want to speak to someone you just have to call them and speak to them but there were some disadvantages as well. Then there came a breakthrough in the communication sector and that was Mobile phones and from then till now lot of advancements and developments took place in mobile phone sectors and now you enjoy so many things other than just talking or sending messages using mobile applications available in your mobile phone. In this present world everyone is so obsessed with their mobile phones that they hardly get time to talk to the people who are sitting around them. Everyone is so busy in virtual world that they don’t have time for real world. So, what keeps you all so busy? There are applications available for mobile called mobile applications which are either pre-installed or you have to download any specific app as per your requirement. The word app which is the short form of application became so famous that in year 2010 it…show more content…
The benefit of WAP is that it is stripped form of HTTP and designed to run on mobile phone bandwidth, processing speed and RAM. The benefit for the manufactures is that they could write one WAP browser and ship with the mobile handset and have the faith those developers will come up with the content which users wanted. However, the only disadvantage is that developers and content provider didn’t deliver as thought. So as the batteries and memory started to getting cheap and user demanding for
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