How Do Mobile Phones Affect Consumer Behavior

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The mobile phone emerged as a primary tool for personal communication worldwide. The mobile phone phenomenon is unique in the history of telecommunication and consumer electronics markets the spurt of mobile phone usage have altered the life structure of the people around the world not just as a talking device but also a necessary social accessory. The spectacular growth of mobile phone usage has been fuelled by the evolution of mobile phone technologies, both in terms of performance and presentation. Mobile phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world are at the leading edge of this key social change. The ability to keep in touch with family, friends, business acquaintances and access to email are only a few of the…show more content…
This review outlines small number of focussed studies with specific reference to the theme of the study
Sharma Shashikumar and Chaubey (2007) in their study examined consumer’s awareness and their attitude towards the Mobile service providers in Lucknow. It is observed that the level of consumer satisfaction, the perception of consumers towards prospects of mobile services and the impact of mobile services in bringing about the social change, depend on the demographic characteristics of the respondents
Anastasios , Economides and Amalia Grousopoulou (2008) studied the mobile phone usage behaviour of male and female Greek students. The study identified that students use their mobiles mostly for phone calls and SMS. They also use their mobiles to take photos and activate the reminder, to communicate (telephone, SMS, email) mostly with friends.
Arti Gaur , Suman Ghalawat and Meenakshi Azad (2011) examined the behaviour of mobile phone users. The study identified that majority of the respondents are using Nokia followed by Sony Ericson, while Motorola is considered least currently owned brand among the respondents. In terms of variables gift, bundled with service, purchase and others, It is concluded that majority of the respondents acquire their cell phone by their own Purchase followed by Gift, while post-paid connection is more preferred than pre-paid
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The published literature on the subject of consumer behaviour in mobile phone market in Indian context is meager. Keeping this in view a modest attempt has been made to study consumer behaviour with emphasis on factors influencing purchase decisions process of mobile phone users in Visakhapatnam city. The study also aims to identify the problems faced by the mobile phone users and their role in causing dissatisfaction. In view of the growing importance of the consumer behaviour, the present study aims at understanding behaviour of mobile phone users with particular reference to Visakhapatnam city. The study also examines the satisfaction level of mobile phone users and identifies the problems faced by them with a special focus on Visakhapatnam City.

The focal theme of the study is to examine the consumer behaviour in buying mobile phones. As against this background the following specific objectives are set:
i. To study the socio-demographic profile of mobile phone consumers in Visakhapatnam. ii. To identify the attributes influencing customers purchase process when selecting particular mobile handset. iii. To analyse the brand preference and choices of mobile phone

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