Mobile Phone Invention

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Composition #3 An Event in History (The Invention of the mobile phone)

A mobile phone, or wireless telephone, commonly referred to as a cell phone, was originally just a communication tool. It is a portable telephone terminal used in a wide range. The conception of mobile phone started from the trial by American Bell Labs in 1940. Since Motorola invented the world’s first commercial mobile phone, so far it has been developed to 5G era. The invention of the mobile phone greatly changed human’s life. Nowadays the mobile phone was developed into smart phone and non-smart phone (feature phone), smart phones generally perform better than non-smart phones, but non-smart phones are more stable than smart phone in performance.
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On account of the great functions, 3G mobile communication products was called "personal communications terminal" with large color display and touch-sensitive. In addition to complete routine communications, It also works as multimedia communications. Users can write on the touch screen 3G phone, draw and send it to another phone. Apple and Samsung are the two strongest manufacturers of 3G. Oppositely, Nokia and Ericsson, the previous supper stronger manufacturers were far away behind Apple and Samsung. More interestingly, Motorola, the inventor of mobile phone, closed their production of mobile…show more content…
4G mobile phone network is a high-speed mobile. The most important function of the 4G mobile phone network is to run a variety of network services smartphone. 4G mobile phone technology transmit the traditional voice communication in full data packet, which is very different from 3G and previous mobile phones. The 4G smart phones as mobile network terminal in the general function has been like a small computer. Regardless of the super competitive, China is growing up as the biggest market of 4G mobile phone in the world and became the three biggest manufacturers in 4G mobile phones.
As far to 5G, the fifth-generation of mobile phone systems, it is being studied now. China (Huawei), South Korea (Samsung Electronics), Apple and the EU have invested considerable resources in research and development of 5G network.
The mobile phone is one of the most important inventions in modern technology. Since its invention, mobile phone like other electronic products, have been constantly changed and replacement. From its development process, we has a new understanding of the mobile phone. Over around 100 years developments, it is now fully comparable to an intelligent computer. 50 years later, 100 years later, how will the mobile phone look like? We cannot imagine

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