Mobile Technology Essay

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With changing times, the mobile technology has changed a lot and in the last few years we have seen the arrival of various new kinds of gadgets in the form of smartphone, camera-phone, Android and tablet phones. Now a day, the handset industry has turned from simple budget handsets to ultra-modern high end mobile phones. Today’s device is almost everything - it is fashionable, innovative, appealing, high-performing, durable, stylish and multi-tasking. Latest gadgets can be used for various purposes such as browsing mobile, internet, playing games, blogging, messaging, emailing and accessing all popular social networking sites like YouTube, Google search, Gmail and more. Along with this, there has been a booming market for the multimedia mobile phones. The…show more content…
These changes allowed people to access several computing resources anywhere and anytime. Utilizing context information which is captured from sensors, user’s personal information, and device status is specially emphasized in mobile computing application for following reasons. First, human-computer interaction in mobile devices is more awkward than that in conventional desk-top devices. Most of handheld-sized computers such as personal digital assistants (PDA) and smartphones have small-sized display panel and pen-based input interface. A good solution to interaction problem of mobile device is Context-awareness. For example, we can reduce the number of interaction cycles needed to access desired information or select information to be displayed user-adaptively using information about user’s preference and current environment. Second, the purpose of use of mobile device is highly dependent to his/her environment, location, and time. Thus, context-awareness can be a key technique to build novel mobile services which are proactive and adaptive to current
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